Boris Mahovac

Mortgage Agent

After discussing your individual requirements and reviewing your financial capabilities, I will find a mortgage that best suites your needs. 

David Yuzpe

Mortgage Broker

I have been in the mortgage industry now for 21 years and have made thousands of rewarding relationships - both personal and professional. 

Milan Milosevic

Mortgage Agent

Residential & Commercial Mortgage Deals

Krstina  Vukasinovic

Allstate Insurance

Whether you have a question about your policy or just want to review your coverage, I’m here for you.

Brian B. Bovan

Condominium & Real Estate Law

In London, whether you’re looking to buy or sell property, or need to administer an estate, call me; Brian B. Bovan, Barrister and Solicitor for sound, experienced legal advice.

Avin Chanderdat

IT Specialist

Avin is the owner of AceITCanada, and is dedicated to providing you the best service for you or your company's technology needs.

Ramen Ibrahim

Men's Hair Dresser 

One of the most skilled and talented stylists in London.

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