Professional Advice

Know Marketing and Pricing Ins & Outs to Not Damage the Value of Your Property

Plan to Save Time and Money

Document Preparation

Ex. Survey, Pre-Inspection, Financial Statements, Environmental, Appraisal, Etc

Saves The Buyer Money and Question of The Value

Room Staging 


Shown More, Sells In the Shortest Amount of Time & for Top Dollar

Edited Description

Spread the Word Accurately

These Make a Great Difference

Professional  Photography

Branded Video
Matterport Floor Plan

Twilight & Arial Drone Photography

Sign's & Lock Box

With Your Permission
Up-to-date Riders/Labels

Often Custom 

MLS & Matrix

Re-uploads & Inter Boarding
Approval Before Your Listing Goes Live
Market Updates

Our Website/Database & Syndication Websites

Global Exposure

Leave No Stones Uncovered - Reach 1000's of Qualified Buyers - Giving You Choices

24/7, Until Sold

Schedule Showings

Mobile - Seamless & Better Experience
Supportive Feedback
Professional Communication

Ethical to All Interested Parties

Contract Law

Legal Disclosures

Don't Skip the Fine Print!

Electronic Documents

Fast Help with Offer's, Back Ups, etc

Paperwork Protection. Your Files Are Safe.

Negotiation Experience

Mediate Tensions from Conflicting Motivations and Expectations, Avoiding Frustration
Handle Difficult Situations Professionally

We Continuously Study People & Negotiation

Negotiating Final Terms

Thoughtful Planning - addressing potential issues; sooner rather than later

Smooth Transaction & Effective Resolutions

Deposit Protection

Receipt of Funds
Interest Earning Trust Account
FINTRAC (Government of Canada)
Commission Check and Excess Funds Processing

Public Brand & Market Place Trust

A One Stop Shop

Agreement(s) Sent to Your Lawyer and/or Mortgage Lender
With Preferred Pricing - We Want Everyone to Know

For All Your Real Estate Needs

Update Important Records:

• Drivers License
• Health cards
• Insurance (car, home, life)
• Doctor/dentist
• Credit Cards
• Schools
• Passport
• Banks
• Utilities
• CRA 

Quick Tips:

1. Spring clean. Get rid of those cobwebs
2. Depersonalize. Tuck away family photos etc.
3. Remove clutter, including closets & garage
4. Take care of odours
5. Fix broken items. Don’t leave a list of repairs for Buyers to assume
6. Consider painting. Fresh, neutral colours throughout allow Buyers to envision it as their own