Why You Should Join Mega Realty: You’re thrilled to help people transition and achieve their dreams. Opportunity to travel and work on your own schedule, learn and meet new people and in the process make people happy while doing what you love. Nobody is treated better based on their performance, everyone is ensured to have the success that they deserve. We always take great care of you to make sure that you achieve your goals.

Mega Realty Explained:
It costs you the most money and its most painful to lose relationships and clients; elevate by offering the highest possible service that you can give to your client, rather than having to guess what’s best for your client.

Should You Join Mega Realty: Do the right thing to reach your goals. Why leave it to chance? Close the deal with someone who has seen the lay of the land before, and knows how to handle any curve ball that’s thrown.

Trained more – Receive ongoing – exclusive coaching and support to close any deal
Connect more – Collaborative & abundant culture
Save more – Compensation plans starting at 95/5
Seen more – Full-service, and rich office location
Park more – Largest parking space available for agents and clients Luxury – High end luxury home marketing plans
Referred more – Corporate and government relocation
Market Share – Across Ontario
Close more – Let’s talk Mega Realty, jump on a quick call to learn what partnering with us will look like.
Save more – Option to not pay Matrix board fee’s (special brokerage setup)

Step 1 Input names and emails into Excel
Step 2 Upload Excel file into a CRM (Constant Contact)
Step 3 Receive access to more phone numbers
Step 4 Stay in touch by email
Step 5 Repeat, referral, AND new business will come…  

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