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Thanks for touching base. We aim for the best customer service; this is really important to us.


Trained more – Receive ongoing – exclusive mentorship, and accountability, including coaching and support from around the globe to close any deal
Connect more – Collaborative & abundant culture
Seen more – Full-service, and rich office location
Park more – Largest parking space available for agents and clients
Luxury – High end luxury home marketing plans
Referred more – Corporate and government relocation
Market Share – Across Ontario
Save more – No hidden fee's, and option to not pay board fee’s
Earn More - Passive income, in perpetuity
Close more – Let’s talk Mega Realty, jump on a quick call to learn what partnering with us will look like.

Step 1 Input names and emails into Excel
Step 2 Upload Excel file into a CRM (Constant Contact)
Step 3 Stay in touch by email
Step 4 Repeat, referral, and new business will come…