milan milosevic 

Broker of Record

Milan Milosevic (pronounced; [Eng] Mil-aw-se-vik) was born and raised in London, Ontario, where he has accumulated an array of high net worth clientele in both residential and commercial real estate. Milan is guided by an ethical moral compass to add value to his clients through being a team player, offering professional insight, marketing, and negotiation. I am honored to be a part of your next chapter. When you win, we all win. My goal is to give you a 5 star client experience, at any time if you feel like I'm not giving you a 5 star experience - let me know, and I'll go correct it, because that is the ultimate goal. Milan is a trustworthy, hardworking realtor equipped with many resources to bring opportunities your way!

My motto: "You can do it on your own, but it won't ever be as good as what I do best." I've saved my clients thousands of dollars and brought more money in their pocket than leading competition. Ultimately; the choice is yours.