Milan Milosevic 

Broker of Record

Milan Milosevic (pronounced; [Eng] Mil-aw-se-vik) is the founder of Mega Realty. Milan is a real estate professional that worked his way from helping investors renovate properties and cleaning newly built homes. The glamour of sales and meeting new faces got Milan motivated to learn new things about real estate and eventually, he accumulated an array of clientele in both residential and commercial real estate. Milan learned if you truly want something in life; it's never too late. Outside of work, I enjoy  living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Working with Milan: Upon given consent to thoroughly examine your property, I can best advise you. By implementing a relevant sales analysis, high-end marketing, guidance, accountability, loyalty, negotiation strength, and in-depth knowledge, we’ll maximize the potential of selling your property at a price that is appealing to you. I’d be delighted to further discuss the sale of your property, and begin showing the property to worthy and interested buyers.

As a client, the goal is to make you feel confident going forward, in control, and armed with valuable insight for making the best decision. I'm guided by an ethical moral compass to add value to my clients, and I've saved my clients thousands of dollars and brought more money in their pocket than the leading competition. Ultimately; the choice is yours. Let's get in touch, and we won't skip a beat!